Acrocanthosaurus is a large, 4-star carnivore from the Jurassic period, found in Hell Creek Formation A.

Acrocanthosaurus can be a very decent opponent for most of the other large carnivores. It is depicted to have a muscle attachment on it's sail, although the purpose of the sail in real-life is unknown.Their favorite prey is the hadrosaur Parasaurolophus, found in the same dig site.

Acrocanthosaurus, in the game, takes a desert sand color for its body. Its head has some white spots, with red stripes running along the sail.

Acrocanthosaurus was the top predator of its time and of its continent, they can hunt a wide variety of prey,like ceratopisans, hadrosaurids and even Camarasaurus (In game only, due to time period). However,like all the other carnivores,they could bring down a Brachiosaurus,because the herbivore is simply too massive for the carnivores to take down.


Acrocanthosaurus can live together, peacefully with another large carnivore, Carcharodontosaurus. So if you want to save some money by making just one paddock, or simply placing them together because it sounds fun, feel free to do so.

It is the only large carnivore to have a chance of being available at the start of the game (Unless modding is done to the game).

Although Acrocanthosaurus' favorite prey are more dinosaurs, they both actually lived in different time periods. (Acrocanthosaurus lived in the Early Cretaceous, and the Parasaurolophus lived in (The Late Jurassic) This could be because it was supposed to be paired with Tenotosaurus and Deinonychus, both of whom were eventually forcing the developers to stick Acrocanthosaurus in with the Parasaurolophus and Oviraptor.

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