25 feet



Favorite prey



Tyrannosaurus Rex

Time Period

Early Jurassic 78-68

Dig Site

Judith River Group A

Security Requirements

Little Medium and Big

Albertosaurus is a small, three-star carnivore, found in the dig site Judith River Group A. It is a smaller, and earlier cousin of the larger, and more famous Tyrannosaurus rex.

Albertosaurus can hunt by itself, but will prefer to hunt in packs they are a very deadly predator using speed and agility witth a strong bite to take down a variety of prey.Their favorite prey is known to be Parasaurolophus, other hadrosaurs, smaller herbivores like Pachycephalosaurus, and sometimes ceratopsians like Styracosaurus. They will also hunt other members of their kind if they are weak or sick.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the largest and most powerful small carnivore in the game.
  • Despite this, it is the only carnivore that Dinopedia suggests low security for.

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