9 to 11 meters



Favorite prey


Time Period

Late Jurassic

Dig Site

Tendaguru Beds

Security Requirements



4 stars

Allosaurus is a four-star dinosaur in the game that appears to be orange to brown in color and seems to spend most of the time stalking in the dense woodlands.


Allosaurus has the lowest durability and attack of the large carnivores unless modded therefore making it the weakest large carnivore in the game. It likes to hunt its favorite prey on flat plains and they also can live in small groups. Unlike the other large carnivores Allosaurus won't fight for territory and will run if confronted by another large carnivore unless you mod it with the G.E.P. However, an Allosaurus will attack another large carnivore if the dinosaur is enraged or was wounded by that large carnivore. It prefers goats and cows, since a goat can be swallowed whole, but on Site B they will hunt Camarasaurus and Stegosaurus.

They can be put in together with Ceratosaurus, but Ceratosaurus will still be frightened of the Allosaurus.


-It is the smallest large carnivore in the game.

-It is the weakest large carnivore in the game unless you mod it.

-It will rarely fight other large carnivores unless you mod it.

- Its AI will glitch out, making all other allosaurs become attached to one allosaur, which debugs quickly.

- It is possibly the only Large Carnivore that can be picked up by Twisters.


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