11 meters



Favorite prey


Time Period

Late Jurassic

Dig Site

Tendaguru Beds

Security Requirements



4 stars

Allosaurus is a four-star dinosaur in the game that appears to be orange to brown in color and seems to spend most of the time stalking in the dense woodlands.


In game the Allosaurus is portrayed as the weakest and most cowardly of the large carnivores very rarely acting aggressively towards the other large theropods such as Tyrannosaurus rex or Spinosaurus and does not battle over territory. And because of this the carnivore is normaly seen as a prey item by the other predators normally many players mod the game files to make allosaurus more aggressive and to stop other carnivores hunting it down.

Allosaurus is a fast moving predator and can hunt a variety of animals in game such as Camarsaurus and Stegosaurus.

They can be put in together with Ceratosaurus, because Ceratosaurus will not be frightened of the Allosaurus but eventually the Allosaurus will get hungry and start hunting the Ceratosaurus.


-It is the smallest large carnivore in the game even though it is inaccurately shown to be 11 meters long and taller than in reality the most common allosaurus spices is estamated to be around 8 to 9 meters long it is believed the game designers used the theropods Saurophaganax or Epanterias as size references. It is still unclear whether these carnivores are there own separate genus or just a larger spices of allosaurus more remains and fossils need to be uncovered.

-It is the weakest large carnivore in the game unless you mod the game.

-It will rarely fight other large carnivores unless you mod it.

- Its AI will glitch out, making all other allosaurs become attached to one allosaur, which debugs quickly.

- It is possibly the only Large Carnivore that can be picked up by Twisters.