70 tons


25 m




Camarasaurus Apatosaurus and Diplodocus

Time Period

Late Jurassic

Dig Site

Morrison Formation Group B Tendaguru Beds

Security Requirements



5 stars

Brachiosaurus is a five-star large herbivore. It can be found in both the Morrison Formation (site B) and the Tendaguru Beds. It is wildly popular with all visitors, mainly because of its enormous size and invincibility to all carnivores, little and big. Its best friend is Camarasaurus, as they are the only two sauropods in the game.

In real life Edit

Brachiosaurus lived in North America during the Late Jurassic Period. Remains were also found in Portugal and Tanzania, but now they have been reassigned to new species; Giraffatitan and Lusotitan. Brachiosaurus occupied a niche similar to that of a giraffe, its long neck allowing it feed in the treetops, avoiding competition with lower grazers such as Stegosaurus. It was once though Brachiosaurus had nostrils in its crest like forehead, but this has since been disproved.


  • It is the largest dinosaur in the game despite it being undersized compared to its real life counterpart.
  • It is also the slowest creature in the game.
  • It is the only dinosaur that carnivores will not attack, unless modded.
  • Brachiosaurus can be found in the Morrison Formation B and in the Tendaguru Beds.
  • Although Brachiosaurus can rear-up on its hind legs, it is widely believed by paleontologists that this wouldn't have happened in real-life, as it wouldn't have given it much more access to food.
  • It, along with Tyrannosaurus rex, is easily the most popular dinosaur among visitors in the game. Even Thrill Seekers, who are normally only entertained by carnivores, seem to get a thrill enough from staring up at this titanic but gentle beast. It is recommended that players unlock Brachiosaurus and Tyrannosaurus as two of their fifteen dinosaur species, as no park seems complete without them.
  • It can be kept with all herbivores, except Kentrosaurus, because they will start panicking.
  • It needs a lot of exhibit space due to its size. Some players even allow them to roam around the park instead of in an enclosure.
  • It becomes stressed when lonely.
  • It doesn't need a feeder as long as there is plenty of trees.
  • On Site B it will travel in herds.
  • Although the carnivores will not directly attack brachiosaurus they will cause it to become stressed, to eat , drink, and sleep all day which will eventually cause it to go into a coma if they are kept together.


Diet: Herbivore.

Type: Sauropod.

Height: 15 metres.

Length: 25 metres.

Rating: Five stars.

Habitat: Wooded plains, close to water.

Skin based on: Jurassic Park III.

Best friend: Camarasaurus

Enemies: None in game unless modded

Security requirements: Low and High

Animal: Giraffe