Camarasaurus, is a three star sauropod which lived in the Late Jurassic. It can be found in Morrison Formation B. It can also be modified into Apatosaurus, using few mods, available at few sites, or, changing the name manually in the Data.

The friend of Camarasaurus is Brachiosaurus. This is caused by only both of them (Camarasaurus and Brachiosaurus), are sauropods. They also work really well with other Jurassic herbivores such as Dryosaurus, Stegosaurus and even Kentrosaurus, which does not appear to be afraid of it. It also seems to be a favourite of fun lovers, a few socialising can ramp up a lot of fun values at any attraction really quickly.

The Camarasaurus is predominantly green with a greyish underbelly and a scattering of darker green spots across its body and is a classic sauropod shape.

Camarasaurus W

Stats Edit

  • Length: 19 Meters
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Friend: Brachiosaurus
  • Period: Late Jurassic 150-142
  • Security Fence Requirement: Low (Can also roam freely)
  • Attracts: Fun Lovers


  • Is one of the hardest herbivores to battle, although T.rex and Spinosaurus could kill it in two hits.
  • It's the second biggest dinosaur in JPOG.
  • It becomes stressed when alone, as Camarasaurus is a social animal.
  • A lot of space is required, due to it's large size. 
  • It's compatible with Brachiosaurus