7 tons


14 meters



Favorite prey


Time Period

Early Cretaceous

Dig Site

Chenini Formation

Security Requirements

Medium (High suggested)



Carcharodontosaurus is a 4 star dinosaur that lived during the Early Cretaceous period. It is found in the Chenini Formation in North Africa and lived with Ouranosaurus and Spinosaurus. They prefer open areas with water. They are covered in black coating while the underparts are gray to white they also seem to have red crests over their eyes. When hunting faster prey it is known to wait in thick vegetation and use ambush attacks.


Carcharodontosaurus was one of the largest theropod carnivores alongside Giganotosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex and likely slightly smaller than Spinosaurus. It was one of the largest of the carcharodontosaurid theropod family, and it lived in North Africa from 105-94 million years ago. It grew to be 43 feet (13.1 meters) long, 13 feet (3.9 meters) tall at the hip, and 7-7.5 tons in weight.

Carcharodontosaurus was a carnivore, with enormous jaws and long, serrated teeth up to eight inches long. Hence its name, its teeth are identical to that of a great white shark. It may have hunted in packs like its smaller cousin Allosaurus, but no fossil evidence of this exists. It may have been a scavenger as well as an active predator.


Carcharodontosaurus is a territorial dinosaur and is one of the most destructive carnivores in the game, being able to kill many large dinosaurs, such as Camarasaurus , Triceratops Spinosaurus and even T. rex, in two bites. It will not tolerate sharing its exhibit with Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus or Allosaurus, and will often fight for dominance if they are present. However, Carcharodontosaurus appears to have no problem sharing an exhibit with Acrocanthosaurus as long as food is plentiful.

Carcharodontosaurus is one of the strongest dinosaurs in game and -- even though the Dinopedia absurdly suggests medium fencing -- should be put in a paddock with high security fencing, even though it is capable of breaking through it in rampage mode.

Carcharodontosaurus is the second largest Carnivore in JPOG after Spinosaurus it is slightly longer than tyrannosaurus but is not as robust looking.


  • Incorrectly ahead of Tyrannosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus has the strongest bites in-game.
  • Carcharodontosaurus' name means "shark-toothed lizard".
  • Its in game model highly resembles the giant theropod Giganotosaurus.


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