Ceratosaurus is a two-star carnivore featured in JPOG.It is fairly weak, as it will be killed instantly if it attacks Stegosaurus or Ankylosaurus.


Ceratosaurus is a small carnivore that usually lives in small packs. It is usually a scavenger but will sometimes hunt. If it is desperate for food it will resort to cannibalism and can coexist with Albertosaurus. This doesn't last for the Albertosaurus because it will kill a Ceratosaur if it is hungry. It can also live with Allosaurus, but will still seen as food if none can be found. They can live with any small carnivore smaller then itself. They sleep together and share their prey among one another.They will, if very hungry attempt to kill an Allosaurus and may succeed.


Length: 7 meters

Favorite prey: Dryosaurus or Ceratosaurus (Cannibalism) or kentrosaurs

Time Period: Late Jurassic 162-154

Dig site: Morrison Formation A

Security Requirments: Low or Medium

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