Corythosaurus Dinopedia

Corythosaurus is a three star large herbivore that lived in North America about 81-75 million years ago.

In game, Corythosaurus has a dark brown and yellow tiger-stripe pattern on its body and a dark mauve headcrest. This is similar to Jurassic Park 3's colour scheme, though the movie Corythosaurus has a smudged speckled pattern.Like many hadrosaurs in the game, Corythosaurus is a playful and energetic dinosaur that will delight Fun Lovers and will help the ratings for Dino Nerds when kept with other Cretaceous herbivores and paleo trees. Like other hadrosaurs, it has no defence against carnivores and will flee instead.

In real life Edit

Corythosaurus is one of the best known hadrosaurs due to its abundant fossil discoveries, including some specimens were softer parts of the tissue had been preserved, such as skin impressions and webbing between the toes which is similar to that found in modern hoofed mammals. Being a member of the Lambeosaurine family, along with Parasaurolophus, Lambeosaurus and Tsintaosaurus, Corythosaurus sports a hollow head crest containing tubes, presumably to act as a resonating chamber for calls and also a display feature. Corythosaurus also had the typical toothless beak for cropping plants and batteries of closely packed molars and cheek pouches for chewing.



Length: 9 Meters

Diet: Herbivore

Period: Late Cretaceous

Rating: 3 Star

Friends: Edmontosaurus

Security Fence Requirement: Low Security Fence

Attracts: Fun Lovers and Dino Fans in appropriate settings.