How to get these to work Edit

T-rex vs Spinosaurus: If Tyrannosaurus is young and does not have many kills it will flee from Spinosaurus if: - Spinosaurus was in the territory first - Spinosaurus wins a non-deathly battle If Tyrannosaurus is older and got more victims it will always fight Spinosaurus, also its winrate increases.

Death Duel

T-rex vs Ankylosaurus: Shoot Tyrannosaurus twice with the helicopter rifle, Ankylosaurus 7 times.

T-rex vs Triceratops: Shoot both twice with the helicopter rifle.

T-rex vs Stegosaurus: Shoot T-rex twice, Stegosaurus once.

Descriptions Edit

Tyrannosaurus VS Triceratops Edit

Triceratops Wins - The Tyrannosaurus attempts to bite but the Triceratops dodges and then stabs the it with its horns.

Tyrannosaurus Wins - The Tyrannosaurus bites at the Triceratops and proceeds to bite into it's throat.

Tyrannosaurus VS Ankylosaurus Edit

Tyrannosaurus Wins - The Tyrannosaurus bites and snaps the Ankylosaurus' neck.

Ankylosaurus Wins - The Ankylosaurus swipes the club on it's tail at the Tyrannosaurus's head, crushing its skull and knocking it clean out.

Tyrannosaurus VS Stegosaurus Edit

Tyrannosaurus Wins - The Tyrannosaurus bites and snaps the Stegosaurus' neck, identical fighting style when fighting the Ankylosaurus.

Stegosaurus Wins - The Stegosaurus swings its spiked tail into the Tyrannosaurus's head, stabbing it in the process.

Spinosaurus VS Tyrannosaurus Edit

Spinosaurus Wins - The Spinosaurus will bite into the Tyrannosaurus's throat and will continue to do so until the Tyrannosaurus is dead.

Tyrannosaurus Wins - The Tyrannosaurus snaps at the Spinosaurus, reaches its throat, crushes it with its jaws, flips the Spinosaurus over and continue to clamp down on the Spinosaurus's neck until it dies.

Pachycephlosaurus and Torosaurus will also duel by themselves, but not to the death. The winner will gain the title of the herd's leader, this duel being a test of dominance. They will butt heads until one is pushed away.