Deinonychus is a dinosaur from the raptor family. Much like velociraptor it pounces onto its prey. It is a small carnivore which has a rigid upright toe, also like like velociraptor. It may get along with velociraptor, but they may also fight them if in rampage or very hungry.


Deinonychus like to be in groups of about 5, which they will socialize and hunt together. If too many pack members are in the group, then they may kill the extra pack members. It is also best to feed them goats rather than cows, since cows may kick them off and injure them. They will also climb low security fences like velociraptors, so you should watch what kind of fence you place.


  • Deinonychus lived in the cretaceous period.
  • Deinonychus, like velociraptor, may pounce on large dinosaurs like Triceratops but it will probably fall off.
  • Deinonychus can be killed by triceratops, stegosaurus, or ankylosaurus in a single hit.
  • Deinonychus need medium to high security fences.
  • Sometimes it is possible a Styracosaur may trample over it and kill it.
  • Deinonychus favored prey are small mammals, but like velociraptor, they like to attack any small herbivore.

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