7 meters

Favorite prey


Time Period

Mid Jurassic 197-188

Dig Site

Morrison site B

Security Requirements



Two stars

Dilophosaurus is the smallest (and weakest) carnivorous dinosaur within Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. It kills by spitting venom, much in the movie, but will only attack small herbivores such as dryosaurus and gallimimus. Interestingly, it will not attack people or animals by spitting through the open spaces in fences, much less even see them.


It is interesting to note that a Dilophosaur pack leader keeps its frill open, while others have theirs folded. Dilophosaurs can coexist with Velociraptors, provided the Velociraptors are not rampaging and have plenty of food.

Dilophosaurus will mostly attack small unarmed herbivores, although they have been recorded attacking Kentrosaurus on several occasions. Dilophosaurus are virtually defenseless against larger dinosaurs. However, there have been occasions where Dilophosaurs have actually attacked and killed Velociraptors, although this only usually occurs when they are desperate for food.


  • Dilophosaurus cannot kill cleaners, likely due to a bug.
  • Dilophosaurus actually lived in the Early Jurassic, rather than the Mid Jurassic.
  • Like Ceratosaurus and Albertosaurus, Dilophosaurus will not rampage, and if a cheat is entered to make them do so, they will go comatose.

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