Dinosaur diseases are serious for dinosaurs, as visitors will complain about the lack of care for your dinosaurs and if the dinosaurs go untreated they can collapse into a coma and eventually die.

Diseases are expensive to research. They can cost about 1,000 to 5,000.

Bumblefoot- An inflammation on a dinosaur's foot when it gets cut and then infected. This will cause your dinosaur to limp and reduce the animal's movement causing it stress, this will happen more often to herbivores than carnivores.

Dino Belly- A disease that infects the digestive system. It will cause them to eat less and drink more making their stomachs swell.

Dino Flu- The dinosaur variation of influenza, dinosaurs will noticeably sneeze uncontrollably. This is a very fast spreading sickness and so vaccinating the source dinosaur should be done fast before it spreads.

Tick Infestation- An unconditional disease. Ticks will cover the affected dinosaur causing it lose a lot of blood and act in a manic manner.

Gastric Poisoning- A very serious disease for herbivores. Results from acids building up in their systems from the toxins in modern plants, which they are not used to. When it reach its height the animal will be immobilized and they will die from the poisoning if left untreated. (This is similar to the Stegosaurus in the novel and the Triceratops in the film.)

Rabies- This is an EXTREMELY dangerous disease, making the carnivores go berserk. Firstly, the animal will start drink more often then they act uncontrollably. It is really dangerous for large carnivores and velociraptors especially, as it will put your park in danger. Rabies also causes dinosaurs to breakout more often.