These are simple tutorials that can help you practice building parks. There are 9 to choose from. The first 4 exercises are tutorials, showing you the basics of building a park, while the next 5 have you put your skills to the test.

List of Exercises:

  • Welcome to Jurassic Park (The camera basics and GUI)
  • Dinosaur Origins (Showing you the basics of fossil hunting and DNA extraction)
  • What Visitors Want (The basics on visitor needs)
  • Safe & Secure (Learn to keep the park safe)
  • Open Range Safari (Create an open-field park for herbivores)
  • Jurassic Classic (Recreate the original dinosaur population on Isla Nublar)
  • The Lost World (Clean up INGEN's Site B and manage the park)
  • Dangerous Abodes (Manage a park full of dangerous carnivores)
  • Any Port in a Storm (Manage a park, but constantly in stormy weather, posing an interesting challenge)