400 kg


6 Meters



Favorite prey



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Time Period

Late Cretaceous 76-65

Dig Site

Flaming Cliffs

Security Requirements



Three Stars

Gallimimus is a small herbivore in JPOG that lived during the Late Cretaceous.


Gallimimus lives in herds of about 6 to 7 animals. Any more will most likely leave to form a new herd.

If Gallimimus spot a predator, they will scatter in all directions. Despite being the fastest dinosaur in-game, it can still be caught by several predators.

The Dinopedia says that they don't have any friends; in fact their best friend is Dryosaurus due to the fact that they have similar AI.

They are a great dinosaur for open exhibits with other herbivores, where they can act as a sort of filler animal to give an exhibit activity and movement around the larger animals.

In real life Edit

Gallimimus lived during the Late Cretaceous in what is now the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. A member of the ornithomimoid family, it had a toothless beak, long neck and long legs designed for speed. The diet of ornithomimoids is unclear, though most palaeontologists believe they were omnivores that ate both plants and small animals such as insects and lizards, though from gizzard stones found in Gallimimus fossils, it seems likely it was mostly a herbivore. Gallimimus lived in wetlands around rivers that crisscrossed the Gobi Desert at that time.


  • Gallimimus is the fastest dinosaur in-game.
  • Gallimimus is the only herbivore that can get rabies. This may be a reference to how it ate insects in real-life.
  • Gallimimus is one of only three Herbivores whose favorite dinosaur is their own species, the others being Ankylosaurus and Dryosaurus. This is due to having no close relatives in game (Its closest in-game relatives are in fact Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus, which eat it!).
  • They are the most hunted dinosaur in Site B.

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