Sometimes Glitches may occur in the game, while some are harmless others are not.

Playstation 2

- Game may suddenly shut off.

- Game will sometimes freeze (which is more common in exercises)


- Sounds may mute for a short time period (common when playing on 360)

- Sometimes voice over (ex. when a dinosaur hatches) will not be heard.


- Kentrosaurus AI is modified to be terrified of anything that is not its species

- If a large carnivore has a smaller dinosaur in it's mouth, and the large carnivore dies, the smaller carnivore can still be seen struggling to get out, even after the large carnivore's body has decayed and dissapeared.

- Sometimes, when a large dinosaur is swallowing a small dinosaur or prey item, the prey item will sometimes appear on the nose of the large carnivore. The dinosaur or prey item's known to have this glitch are: Spinosaurus and the goat prey item, and Carcharodontosaurus, Velociraptor, and Gallimimus.