3 meters



Time Period

Late Cretaceous 87-78

Dig Site

Flaming Cliffs

Security Requirements



3 stars

Homalocephale are small herbivores which lived during the Late Cretaceous. They don't have the ability to defend themselves, even though their skulls are fairly thick. They will always flee from carnivores or stick close by to larger herbivores for defence.

They are a relatively popular herbivore and can work well in small herbivore communities or as a small 'dither' animal in large herbivore exhibits.

In real life Edit

Homalocephale, which means 'even head' has recently been disputed as a juvenile of another species such as Prenocephale, after a study in 2010, seven years after Operation Genesis' release, involving the North American species Stygimoloch and Dracorex now being regarded as juvenile and immature forms of Pachycephalosaurus. However this has yet to be proven.

Homalocephale is noted for its rather broad hips. This may be an adaptation to defend the organs from headbutting contests. It also had long legs for fast running. The head, much like in the game, is flat and wedge-shaped.


  • Homalocephale do not defend themselves, and always hide behind their larger cousins for protection.
  • It is a 3-star small herbivore and for some reason they are more popular than their larger relatives, the Pachys. They are the joint-most popular small herbivores, along with fellow three-star attraction Gallimimus.
  • If let out of Its cage, it will not scare visitors.
  • They have an unused sound file called 'HomaRes01" in their sound folder.
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