The Kiosk is a building for feeding the visitors,

Appearance Edit

A big block with a half circular building at the front. On top of it is a giant rotating soda and a hamburger balloon. There is also a vending machine, however these are purely cosmetic.

It is better to build it next to a enclosure for keeping guests happy or if building it in a path circle surrounded with restrooms and rest areas.

Suggestion: If you choose something like Dino Dog as your meal, change the charge higher than the food's price. So for example:

Sandwich:$5  Charge: $6 (As profit you get $1)

Meals Edit

  • Sandwich $5
  • Dino Dog $10
  • Rex Burger $15

Side Meals Edit

  • Thrillin Chilli
  • Fun fries
  • Paleo Salad