The Management Team will help you through out the park by asking about your status and reponsibility. They answer you by E-mail.

John Hammond John Hammond is the CEO of Ingen and the creator of Jurassic Park. He will contact you about your reports, your park rating and performance of your park management.

Peter Ludlow- The Financial Director of Ingen, he is in charge of your money and on how much you spend or recieve.

Alan Grant- World's famous Paleontologist, he is in charge of the fossil hutning expeditions. He reports you about the new dig sites, discoveries and loots (Gold,Silver and Opal). He will contact you about new shipment of the fossil market.

Ray Arnold- He is the Park Administrator, he will look over about the weather forecast and maintence, he will also inform you about building damage.

Robert Mulddon- He is in charge of the security, Safari and Balloons Rides. He wil contact you about Dino Rampages and security levels. He is also in charge of the rangers.

Jane Powers- She is the Public relations manager, She will send you mail about attractions and visitors problems.