Ouranosaurus free-roaming the land.

Ouranosaurus is a Two star dinosaur in the game. It has the same star rating as Torosaurus.


Ouranosaurus is a playful early Cretaceous Ornithopod, that enjoys living with other herbivores, especially with other hadrosaurs, like Edmontosaurus, which is surprising as they would never have encountered each other, being from different time periods and continents. Ouranosaurus also works well with other communities of herbivores, with the only exception being Kentrosaurus.They have a length of 7 meters.

Being the only herbivore from the Chenini formation, it is a common prey item for them.

In real life Edit

Ouranosaurus comes from the Early Cretaceous Elrhaz Formation in Niger in Western Africa, some time earlier than Spinosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus and may not have encountered them. Originally a part of the Iguanodon family, it has recently been considered a transitional evolution between iguanodontids and hadrosaurs. The raised spines on Ouranosaurus have been debated ever since its discovery in the 1960s and 70s. Palaeontologists are split between the spines supporting a colourful sail, while others argue it is in fact a fatty hump like a camel's.

Ouranosaurus lived alongside other ornithopods such as the hippo like Lurdusaurus and Elrhazosaurus, the sauropod Nigersaurus and the therapods Suchomimus, Eocarcharia and Kryptops.


  • It is the only herbivore in its dig site.
  • It is also the only Orntihopod in the game that's in the Iguanodon family, others are in the Hadrosaur family, with the exception of Dryosaurus. However recent evidence have pointed that it could have been a basal hadrosaur.
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