The Safari Car or "Land Cruiser"

The Safari tour must be researched before built. After being built you must lay out the path for the car to follow. The car can be destroyed by angry dinosaurs though, and you must rescue the stranded visitors. The path can have a maximum length of 800 meters, unless you cheat, though.

Driving the car

If you want to, you can take control of the tour car yourself. While driving you can honk the horn with a right-click, or take pictures with the Camera by left-clicking.


In the mission "Rescue Hammond", you must drive through a maze of fencing in a safari car to acquire a rifle from the ranger station, then you must shoot your way through several large carnivores to get to Hammond. Once Hammond is in the car you can drive him back to the park entrance to win the mission.

Related Cheats

One safari car will explode - Hold [+] and repeatedly tap UP and DOWN

You can shoot from the safari cars - ],+,[, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, RIGHT

Trivia Edit

  • If you go to emergency mode and drive one clicking "Take a photo" will make the camera into a movie gun