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Time Period

Late Jurassic

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Morrison Formation Group A

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Four Stars

Stegosaurus is a dinosaur featured in JPOG. Like most of the dinosaurs in-game, it is based off its appearance in The Lost World. It is one of two stegosaurs featured in the game, the other being Kentrosaurus. Stegosaurus is also the largest stegosaur featured in the game, and is one of the four dinosaurs that can death duel with T. rex and win.


Stegosaurus (meaning "roofed lizard") was a large, plant-eating dinosaur that lived during the late Jurassic Period, about 155 million to 150 million years ago, primarily in western North America. It was about the size of a bus, up to 40 feet long, but carried around two rows of protective bony plates along its back that made it appear even bigger as well as the four spikes at the end of its tail that makes it a dangerous dinosaur.

Stegosaurus also has a reputation for having a small brain. Its brain was about the size of a walnut, about the equivalent of a dog's brain, making it among the dinosaurs with the lowest brain-to-body ratio. At one point scientists hypothesized that it had an auxiliary "brain" — not an actual brain but a bundle of nerves — above its rear legs to help control its movements because its brain was so small. However, that hypothesis has since been rejected by many paleontologists.


Stegosaurus is a dinosaur that likes to live in valleys or plains with low ferns and other plants. It is armed with a spiked tail that it uses to defend itself from predators, such as Allosaurus. Even a single Stegosaurus would be a daunting opponent to even the fiercest of hunters. Stegosaurus is a herd animal and prefers to live with members of its own species, as well as the closely-related Kentrosaurus.

Stegosaurus will not tolerate sharing its exhibit with carnivores, which will cause it to panic and swing its spiked from side to side. As well as being dangerous for carnivores, this is also dangerous to other herbivores as they may be accidentally hit by the panicked dinosaur's tail.


  • Stegosaurus' posture is wrong; real-life Stegosaurus would have probably carried their tails horizontally and their heads erect, like in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. However, a user by the name of Trexoid has edited the Stegosaurus model to make it appear more realistic.
  • Kentrosaurus and Stegosaurus lived on two different continents and most likely would not have co-existed together. Instead, Stegosaurus would have probably preferred the company of its own species.


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