Thrill Seekers are a type of visitor that will visit a park. They are usually wearing red and black clothing associated with punk rock, rap, metal and other similar music genres. These guests respond positively to seeing carnivores attacking and eating goats, cows, other dinosaurs and even cleaners or herbivores such as Pachycephalosaurus in territorial displays. They will however react negatively towards attractions with high fun or authenticity ratings and complain in their passports. Their complaints seem more forceful and aggressive than those of Fun Lovers and Dino Nerds. However they can be impressed on attractions such as Balloon Tour and Safari Ride where a great diversity of dinosaurs are on display.

Interestingly, the female thrill seekers have unique walking and running animation. They also have a unique reaction to seeing dinosaurs in the viewing platform. Also one of the models for the male thrill seekers is the only black visitors in the game.

Quotes Edit

Impressed: Edit

  • "I love seeing carnivores ripping things apart!"
  • "This park is so thrilling!"

Unimpressed: Edit

  • "Yawn! I was told I would see dinosaurs fighting!"
  • "Where's the blood? Where's the gore?"
  • "These dinosaurs are so boring! I want thrills!"