150 kg


3 meters



Favorite prey

Small Mammals

Time Period

Late Cretaceous

Dig Site

Flaming Cliffs

Security Requirements



5 stars

The Velociraptor is one of the smallest animals in the game. It is a small carnivore, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in ferocity and pack-hunting.

Favorite prey Edit

A Velociraptor's favorite prey is known to be small mammals, but can hunt all the herbivores, but it can't kill Brachiosaurus and Ankylosaurus. However, it's very often killed when hunting Stegosaurus alone, by the herbivore’s swinging tail. It is also at risk of being attacked when around Pachycephalosaurus and Styracosaurus, and especially Torosaurus and Triceratops, both of which can kill a raptor in one hit.

Behavior Edit

Velociraptors are pack hunters, so it is recommended to place more than one of its kind in a attraction to keep them happy. It is better for them to hunt goats, due the fact that they might get hurt while hunting cows.

They can jump onto its prey if it is a large herbivore - attacking it from the sides and eventually killing it.

Velociraptors are very social and are quite hard to maintain when they are on a rampage, since they can also climb and jump over fences. Velociraptors can also be considered prey items for larger predators, although they make a dangerous force for any animal (except Brachiosaurus and Ankylosaurus) when they are in large numbers.

Velociraptors can also attack T. rex, but only if the Velociraptors are rampaging and T. rex is sleeping or is sedated. In most cases, Velociraptors mainly are too scared of Tyrannosaurs and do not dare to attack them, but in rare times, a Velociraptor will successfully kill off a T. rex.