Visitors (also known as Guests or Tourists) are the patrons who visit Jurassic Park. They will either be satisfied or dissatisfied with your park, depending on how one would manage the park. Visitors can be killed by carnivores, twisters, and exposure.

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Large Carnivore Edit

A visitor would often freeze in fear or run in place (possibly caused by faulty A.I.) when approached by a large carnivore. The large carnivore would often sniff the scared visitor, before swooping in, shaking him/her violently, and then swallowing whole. Sometimes, when a visitor is running, a carnivore's swoop would just make them fall to the ground and the carnivore will not eat them whole, although there are times when a visitor is running and the large carnivore will still swallow them whole. Capable of swallowing visitors whole is the Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, Giganotosaurus, and the Allosaurus.

Medium Carnivore Edit

Unlike large carnivores medium and small ones visitors will always run and medium carnivores kill with a swipe which kills the visitor in a single hit.These are Ceratosaurus and Albertosaurus.

Small Carnivore Edit

Velociraptors will leap onto a visitor and snap at their necks in the same way they would a goat, dryosaurus, or gallimimus. They Dilophosaurus will spit at them, causing the visitor to remove the poisonous substance then suddenly falling to the ground, but will usually panic instead of attacking.

Twisters Edit

Visitors are completely vulnerable to twisters. This spells instant death to a visitor caught within a twister, sending the visitor in a spinning motion before the falling to their deaths.

Exposures Edit

If visitors are caught open in the wild and they are hungry, tired, or haven't made a trip to the toilet, they would eventually just faint and die.

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