This is your first guidance of controls in JPOG You will be meeting with John Hammond, Ray Arnold and Robert Muldoon. This Park contains 3 enclosure. There is a low security fence exibiting 15 Dryosaurus, Medium Security Fence exibiting 1 Triceratops and a High Secuirty Fence exibiting a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Firstly you will be guide by John Hammond who is the director of Ingen and help you about camera view. First you will needs some directions like A,D,S,W. Then your rotational view like Q and E. Lastly the zoom and out by R for zoom and F for out.

Then You will meet with Ray Arnold who will monitor the whole park. And help you with location and stuff. First Click the TAB button to see the map of the island and click find the triceratops.And then find the Tyrannosaurus, after you found her she will go rampaging.

Then you meet with Robert Muldoon who informs you to get to the ranger station. Then you will control the helicopter just like the directions. Then using the rifle he said that clicking the left hand side you will zoom in.

To accomplish the mission you must sedate the T.Rex